Are There Any Potential Side Effects Of Using Ozempic?

Side Effects of Ozempic

As a matter of fact yes, there are potential side effects of using Ozempic for weight loss as the medication was primarily developed for treating Diabetes Type II. However, the spot-on weight management capacity of the medication is the reason why the majority of people use Ozempic as an off-label weight loss medication. Medical practitioners also prescribe using Ozempic for weight management if you’re qualified for its use, still doing so means that you should be aware of the potential side effects. Today, we are going to talk about these potential side effects associated with using Ozempic for weight loss,

Some common Ozempic-induced side effects

Just like any other FDA-approved medication, there are some side effects associated with the use of Ozempic that are pretty common for all users. In nature, most of these symptoms are gastrointestinal such as nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and vomiting. With nausea being the most common side effect reported by a majority of the patients, some have also reported side effects like fatigue, headaches, etc.

Controlled clinical trials were conducted to evaluate the relationship between the dosage of Ozempic and the potential severity of the side effects. In the end, it was found that there is infact a correlation between the two. Patients who were taking a higher dosage of Ozempic reported more severity in the side effects as compared to those who were taking the minimal dosage.

How long do these side effects usually last?

When you take the drug, it usually takes weeks to leave your body’s system. Hence, you can expect that the side effects will usually last for a few days to weeks at best. But if the symptoms are still there after months of injecting Ozempic, it is better to consult a doctor at your earliest convenience.

Also, if you’re taking higher dosages of Ozempic, such as 2mg, it will usually take even longer than usual for the side effects to completely disappear. This is true even if you aren’t taking any Ozempic dosages now.

Sagging skin around the neck and face

Now this is a common side effect reported by people who are consuming any semaglutide-based medication for weight loss. As semaglutide does infact make a prominent portion of Ozempic, you can expect sagging skin around your neck and face after taking Ozempc a few times. This condition is commonly referred to as the Ozempic Face or the Ozempic Neck on the internet.

As per experts, the major reason behind Ozempic Face or Ozempic Neck is losing muscle and losing weight too quickly for your body to adapt to. This is why visiting a weight loss physician is important while you’re using Ozempic for weight loss.

Are there any serious side effects of using Ozempic?

Yes, experts have reported that there are some serious side effects of using Ozempic. Even though these side effects are quite rare, you can’t rule out the possibility of facing these without the guidance and supervision of a licensed medical practitioner.

The side effects include Acute gallbladder disease, Acute kidney injury, Allergic reactions, Diabetic retinopathy, Hypoglycemia (when used with insulin or sulfonylurea), Increased risk of thyroid tumors, and Pancreatitis

Gastroparesis and Ozempic

Unfortunately, the FDA has reported that some people using Ozempic were diagnosed with Gastroparesis or paralyzed stomach. Researchers have also found that people who were using GLP-1 antagonists such as Ozempic are more prone to be diagnosed with Gastroparesis or bowel obstruction as compared to people who were using another drug called bupropion-naltrexone.

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Final note

Even though Ozempic is now commonly used off-label as a weight management drug, there are still side effects associated with its use. That’s why, it is important to use Ozempic under the supervision of a licensed medical practitioner keeping you updated with any required changes in your weight-loss program.

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