Can I Get Ozempic For $25 A Month?

Can I Get Ozempic For $25 A Month?

Ozempic has now become the internet’s favorite weight loss medicine. From being mentioned during Kendrick Lamar’s and Drake’s rap beef to more and more people constantly writing about the ‘miracle drug’, Ozempic is riding high on the internet clout. However, because of this massive global attention, not only there is a reported shortage of Ozempic but the drug’s base price has also skyrocketed. Even when similar semaglutide-based weight management medications like Wegovy are available for public use. Fortunately, there’s a special manufacturer discount that can help you get Ozempic for as low as $25 a month!

Breaking down Ozempic’s cost in 2024

One thing is quite certain, Ozempic isn’t cheap. On average, a 28-day supply of 1 mg dosage pens can roughly cost you around $1322.61. You can also select the 0.25-0.5 mg dosage which will cost you around $1265.03 on average. Plus, this is just an average estimate of how much you’ll be paying for a 28-day Ozempic supply. 

Many factors influence the price you’ll be paying while purchasing ozempic. For example, the dosage is a major contributing factor to the price along with the pharmacy that’s selling the drug in the first place. Many pharmacies set their own prices, keeping their gross profit margins in mind which again affects Ozempic’s price.

Will insurance cover my Ozempic prescription?

Both Medicaid and Medicare are two of the most prominent health insurance programs currently active in the United States of America. Fortunately, both these programs and countless other private medical insurance programs do cover the cost of ozempic, as long as you’re a patient diagnosed with Diabetes Type II.


However, if you’re using Ozempic for weight loss only, chances are that you won’t be getting insurance coverage for your Ozempic prescription easily. Plus, in order for Medicaid and Medicare coverage, Ozempic must be included within the list of preferred medications in your state.

The $25 Ozempic coupon, eligibility, and how to apply for it

Fortunately, for people struggling to pay for Ozempic even with an insurance plan, Novo Nordisk, the Ozempic’s manufacturer, offers a discount card that can bring your monthly cost down to as low as $25.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before applying. This offer is only available for people with private health insurance that already covers Ozempic. It won’t work if you pay out of pocket entirely, or if your insurance or another program covers the full cost. Additionally, government health plans like Medicare and Medicaid are not eligible.

Applying for the discount card is easy. You can either visit the Ozempic website or text “BEGIN” to 21848. The online form will ask for basic information and confirm your insurance status. Once approved, you’ll receive a savings card to present at the pharmacy, even if you use a mail-order service (though reimbursement might require additional steps). Remember, some insurance providers may still require prior authorization for Ozempic coverage, so don’t forget to check with them beforehand.

Other ways to get affordable Ozempic

If you still aren’t able to afford Ozempic, there are some other great options to consider as well. First, you can purchase Ozempic directly from a licensed healthcare provider. This will protect you from pharmacy price fluctuations saving you hundreds of dollars. Plus, the FDA also offers compound versions of medications that are included in the FDA shortage list. The compound pharmacies are authorized by the FDA to make and sell copies of life-saving drugs at an affordable rate.


Lastly, you can either look for the Medicare Extra Health Program or enroll yourself in Novo Nordisk’s Patient Assistance Program for long-term aid if you’re someone who actually qualifies for it.

Final Note

So, can you get Ozempic for $25? Yes, you can via the Novo Nordik’s manufacturer discount. However, there are some certain conditions you must meet to be marked eligible for the discount.

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