How Much Does Ozempic Is Going To Cost In 2024 Without Any Insurance?

How Much Does Ozempic Cost Without Insurance?

You have already heard about Ozempic and all the wonders it can do to effectively lose weight in a very short period. However, the sudden spike in Ozempic’s demand across the US has impacted its average cost as well with the added confusion of whether or not any medical insurance is going to cover the cost of your Ozempic intake. Today, let’s end this debate by understanding how much Ozempic is going to cost on average without any insurance,

Is Ozempic even covered by insurance within the US?

Medicaid and Medicare are the two most prominent medical insurance coverage programs currently active in the United States. The good news is that both these medical insurance programs do infact cover the cost of Ozempic for people who are diagnosed with Diabetes Type-II and are using Ozempic as a form of treatment.

This means that if your aim of using Ozempic is weight loss, both Medicaid and Medicare won’t be covering your Ozempic cost and you’ll have to pay the average cost. As per the available data, Ozempic can cost somewhere around $935.77 on average for a monthly dosage cycle if you’re benefiting from any medical insurance.

Ozempic price breakdown with insurance

The average cost of $935.77 per month is surely a lot of money to pay which explains why most of the people injecting ozempic as prescribed prefer having a medical insurance program that covers their medication cost.

Now, with insurance in place that covers your Ozempix medication, the average price you’ll be paying still depends upon the type of insurance you have or your currently active plan. Expect to pay as low as $25 a month on average or a 100% waiver depending upon your particular insurance plan.

Is there a way of getting Ozempic for free?

We are often asked about this and the answer to this is yes, you can get Ozempic for free. Novo Nordisk is known for its patient assistance program that allows you to have Ozempic for free given that you’re a US citizen or a legal resident, your total household income is below 4000% of the federal poverty line, and you don’t have any active medical insurance plan which includes Medicaid, Medicare, or any other federal/state-regulated medical insurance plan.

Even if you don’t qualify under this program, you can get ozonic at a cheaper rate through websites like GoodRx and Healifynow. Retailers like CVS, Costco, Walmart, and Walgreens also offer discounts if you order the medication in bulk rather than buying it in smaller quantities.

Here’s how much you’ll be paying for Ozempic without any insurance

So, we have mentioned earlier that you’ll be paying around $935.77 on average for a monthly dosage of Ozempic without any insurance. But this is not all the cost you might be paying as long as you’re using Ozempic for weight loss without an insurance plan. You’ll also be required to pay the hospital/doctor appointment charges as your overall health will be thoroughly evaluated after set intervals to check for any adverse effects of the medication.

Why choose Healifynow?

Struggling to start your weight loss journey with Ozempic? Healifynow simplifies the process! Schedule your online evaluation with a licensed doctor for a flat fee, no matter your location. Plus, our Healify Ozempic program covers your initial consultation, a one-month Ozempic supply, and ongoing support – all for $299 (one month) or $799 (three months).

Final Note

Whether or not you have an active medical insurance program does impact the overall cost of Ozempic in 2024. While most of the medical insurance programs won’t be covering the cost of ozempic if you’re using it for weight loss, some actually do which significantly lowers the average monthly cost of your Ozempic medication.


How can I get 3 months of Ozempic for $799?

Well yes, but you do need to qualify for the Ozempic prescription first.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Ozempic?

When compared to its alternatives, Ozempic is infact the most affordable option out there. However, people with commercial insurance plans can qualify for Zepbound savings offers on Zepbound medication, a GLP-1 injection-based alternative to Ozempic.

Can I ask my insurance company to cover my Ozempic expenses?

Yes, you can make sure to thoroughly brief your insurance provider about the importance of Ozempic for your health from a medical perspective.

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