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GLP-1 Prescription

GLP-1 medications work by mimicking a hormone that your body naturally produces to control blood sugar levels and hunger, which can greatly help in weight loss and treat type 2 diabetes symptoms. Get a GLP-1 prescription renewal or new prescription from our board-certified primary care physician.

How do GLP-1 drugs work, and what do they treat?

GLP-1 drugs are known as GLP-1 receptor agonists. They work similarly to GLP-1, short for glucagon-like peptide-1, a hormone your body naturally produces that controls hunger and blood sugar. Both the pancreas and the brain contain GLP-1 receptors.

These drugs can help cure type 2 diabetes symptoms and encourage sustainable weight loss.

Advantages of GLP-1 Drugs:

GLP-1s work together with your body to meet your needs and support your weight loss journey. For long-lasting, sustainable effects, this targets the underlying reasons for weight gain.

  • GLP-1s assist you avoid overeating to lose weight.
  • GLP-1s help reduce blood sugar and increase and extend your feelings of fullness.
  • Use simple single- or multi-dose pens to inject GLP-1s.

It usually takes two to four weeks for most GLP-1s to start lowering blood sugar. The whole benefits of GLP-1 medications, including weight loss effects, may not become apparent for up to eight weeks.

It’s crucial to remember that the kind of medication you take and the recommended dosage can have an impact on your weight loss outcomes. For individualized medical advice, always consult your physician.

What types of GLP-1 medications are available?

We provide numerous effective GLP-1s as part of a medically supervised therapy plan to address type 2 diabetes and/or obesity. Your medical history and health objectives will be examined by our highly qualified physicians, who will then develop a customized treatment plan that includes a recommendation for the best GLP-1.

FDA-approved GLP-1 medications for weight loss:

  • Wegovy®
  • Saxenda®
  • Zepbound™

FDA-approved GLP-1 medications for type 2 diabetes:

  • Rybelsus®
  • Mounjaro®
  • Ozempic®
  • Trulicity®
  • BydureonVictoza®

You don’t need to worry if your drug does require prior authorization. To obtain prior authorization for your medicine, your HealifyNow doctor and care team will get in touch with your insurance on your behalf. if you don’t have health insurance or if your prior authorization request is rejected you can still purchase the drug at affordable cost.

3 easy steps to talk about your prescription for GLP-1

Step 1: Make an appointment to talk about GLP-1 with a doctor

Your HealifyNow doctor will go over your medical history and health objectives with you during your initial appointment.

Step 2: Consult your doctor if you need a prescription for GLP-1

Consult a physician via computer or smartphone. A lab order will be sent to your designated lab if necessary lab work is needed. Your doctor will go over your results and discuss possible treatments with you during your follow-up appointment.

Step 3: If prescribed, pick up your GLP-1 prescription.

Prescriptions are given according to safety and eligibility. Our doctors will provide prescriptions, help you in creating exercise and food plans, and track your progress in losing weight. Initially, schedule appointments with your doctor every four weeks. After that, schedule appointments as needed, depending on your objectives.


Which labs are required to get GLP-1 medications?

Before prescribing GLP-1 drugs, your doctor will order tests for you. CBC (blood count), CMP (metabolic function), lipids (cholesterol levels), A1C (diabetes), TSH (thyroid function), and insulin are all measured in our obesity lab panel. After reviewing the test results with you, your doctor will decide whether or not GLP-1 medication is beneficial for you.

How do you take GLP-1s?

It’s simple to inject because the majority of GLP-1s are injectable drugs that are administered using a pre-filled pen. GLP-1s are injected into the fat layer just beneath the skin, much like insulin. The front thighs or lower abdomen are the injection locations most frequently used.

Will I gain the weight back when I stop GLP-1s?

Since GLP-1s address the underlying causes of weight gain, many patients continue to lose weight even after quitting the drug. However, GLP-1s function best when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise. If people do not maintain a healthy lifestyle, they are more likely to put the weight back on.

What should I know about the GLP-1 shortages?

Saxenda and Wegovy are the only two GLP-1s that are currently approved for weight loss but their availability is currently limited due to the high demand for weight loss drugs in the United States. It’s anticipated that the Saxenda shortages will persist through at least the end of 2023.

Who shouldn’t take GLP-1 agonists?

If you have any of the following conditions, consult your doctor before starting GLP-1 medication:

  • A history of acute pancreatitis or medullary thyroid carcinoma in oneself or one’s family
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Either breastfeeding or expecting a baby in the next three months
  • Delivered a baby within the previous six months.

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