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Emotional Support Animal Letter

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Get your Emotional Support Animal Certification right now by making an appointment or by speaking with a trained physician over the phone! HealifyNow is a pioneer in telehealth services that safely, securely, and in compliance with HIPAA regulations link patients with licensed physicians. Your certificate for an emotional support animal can be obtained in only one consultation. Begin the process right now.

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You won’t ever have to wait for an appointment because everything can be done online; all you need is a computer or a cell phone. Doctors are available from 8 AM to 10 PM, seven days a week. Check out the steps below to know the entire process.

Review Qualifying Conditions

You must first determine whether you are eligible for an emotional support animal. See the list of qualifying conditions below.

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See the Doctor Online

Make an appointment with a physician who is certified by ESA. You can arrange one in advance or do it right away.

Receive Your ESA Certification

Your appointment will last 15 minutes or less. After your application is complete, the doctor will write up the necessary certification form and provide it to you.

How Can HealifyNow Help You in Obtaining Your ESA Certificate?

HealifyNow can help you if you have questions about the process for obtaining an emotional support animal certificate. Simply complete the intake form, and an authorized physician will review your ESA intake form with you on the HealifyNow platform. After the physician reviews your case and grants approval, you will immediately be able to get your certificate for an emotional support animal. Note that you won’t be billed unless the doctor approves.

Are You Eligible for an Emotional Support Animal?

An ESA certificate can only be issued to eligible patients. The whole list of qualifying conditions can be seen here. Since every patient is unique, make sure you meet the conditions below.

Bipolar/mood disorders
Panic attacks
Personality disorders
Other emotional/psychological conditions

How to Get Your Emotional Support Animal Certification

Enter your animal’s details to begin the registration process.

Your doctor can complete all required forms for the online application and any attestation forms through HealifyNow.

You must complete the ESA application after collecting the necessary paperwork, which includes the state ID, application fee, patient attestation, and physician certification.

Your animal will be listed in the US National Database for Service Animals as an Emotional Support Animal if it is accepted.

You will receive a digital copy and a photo ID if your application is accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an emotional support animal and a service animal?

An emotional support animal offers consolation and support to people with mental or emotional disabilities, whereas a service animal is trained to carry out particular tasks to help people with disabilities.

Can an emotional support animal perform tasks like a service animal?

No, like service animals, emotional support animals are not trained to carry out certain activities.

Are emotional support animals protected under the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA)

The ADA does not protect emotional support animals as they aren’t considered service animals.

Can emotional support animals accompany their owner in public places?

Emotional support animals are generally prohibited in public areas, yet there are some exceptions, such as on airlines and in some types of housing.

Are emotional support animals allowed on airplanes?

Individuals who have emotional support animals may be able to board an airplane with them without paying additional costs under the terms of the Air Carrier Access Act.

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