Can You Take Ozempic When You’re Pregnant or Breast Feeding?

Can You Take Ozempic When You’re Pregnant or Breast Feeding?

Ozempic has now been commonly used by a prominent number of US citizens either for Diabetes Type II treatment or weight loss. Even though there are no prominent or long-term side effects of using Ozempic for either of the above-mentioned cases, there are certain individuals who should avoid using Ozempic. Now, the real question at the moment is, can you take Ozempic when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding?

Ozempic side effects to keep an eye on

As mentioned earlier, Ozempic doesn’t cause long-term or severe side effects in most cases. However, this does not mean that the probability of experiencing Ozempic-induced side effects can be negated. The most common side effects associated with ozempic include, hypoglycemia, weight loss, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain or discomfort, diarrhea or constipation, and injection site reactions.

Apart from these common symptoms, there are some long-lasting and severe side effects of using Ozempic too which include vision problems, including vision loss, spots or dark strings floating in your vision, blurred vision, a lump that may appear in your neck, rash or itching, difficulty breathing and swallowing, confusion, feeling anxious, including shakiness, swelling that may occur in your legs, ankles, and feet. Fortunately, these symptoms are a rarity among Ozempic users.

Do Weight Loss Medications Like Ozempic Impact Fertility?

Yes, weight loss medication like Ozempicdoes impact fertility but in a positive way. According to researchers, patients suffering from PCOS or those undergoing in vitro fertilization can be prescribed Ozempic or other weight loss medications. Conditions like PCOS are often characterized by increased androgen levels, obesity, and irregular periods.

In conditions like these, the slightest weight loss can benefit in regulating the hormones back to a normal level which improves fertility. However, you do need to consult your doctor for a final prescription based on your individual case.

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Is It Safe to Take Ozempic During Pregnancy?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive opinion available yet when it comes to whether or not Ozempic is safe to be used during pregnancy. This is because of the fact that there is still not enough medical data available to get to a conclusion. Animal trials have highlighted negative impacts on pregnancy while using Ozempic, however, implications on human pregnancies are still unknown.

Generally, the lack of concrete evidence and the potential risks involved are the reasons why semaglutide-based weight loss medications like Ozempic aren’t prescribed if the patient is pregnant. Although research on animals doesn’t directly translate to human patients, the use of semaglutide has shown congenital disabilities and pregnancy losses among rats.

According to Ozempic’s manufacturer, the medication should only be used during pregnancy when the potential benefits on the development of the fetus massively outweigh the potential risks. Poorly managed diabetes during pregnancy can lead to congenital disabilities, preterm delivery, and pregnancy loss.

Is It Safe to Take Ozempic When Breastfeeding?

Once again, there is not enough evidence available for medical practitioners to safely prescribe Ozempic to patients who are breastfeeding. Animal trials have shown the passing of semaglutide to rat milk but there is still no evidence available that the same will happen among humans.

Some researchers believe that the semaglutide may not pass to human milk as there is a difference between the two species when it comes to the lactation process. However, some researchers contradict this belief and are quite confident regarding the transmission of semaglutide into human milk. For this reason, physicians usually don’t prescribe Ozempic to patients who are breastfeeding.

Final Note

Even though research is underway to determine if Ozempic can be safely prescribed to patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, most doctors usually avoid giving Ozempic prescriptions to such patients. In any case, make sure to discuss the potential benefits and downsides of using Ozempic in your particular case, the potential benefit of using Ozempic must significantly outweigh the potential risks involved.

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